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News from St. Alban's Episcopal Church,

Bolivar, Missouri

new red roof



July 23, 2014         
The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field


NO Sunday School 

    We celebrate the Sunday Eucharist simply, at 9:30 


            The women going to the tomb where Jesus lay


This week, on July 22, we celebrated the feastday of Mary Magdalene, the first witness to the resurrection, and the "apostle to the apostles."  

It took the church nearly 2,000 years to live out the implications of Mary's apostolic ministry - and the ministries of the other New Testament women who served as prophets, preachers, deacons, "co-laborers" with Paul and the others!  

Next Monday the church will celebrate 40 years of ordained ministry by women in the Episcopal Church.

We will celebrate both Mary of Magdala and the ordination of Episcopal Church women on this Sunday. Our Virginia Brownwas among those early pioneers!  

Please, everyone, email me directly with your correct address, current phone number and email! We need to get a corrected directory out quickly. Do it, even if you think I have it right!   Cathy+ - Susanna601@aol.com

Mother Virginia made our bread this week, but it there are others of you who would like to bake our communion bread, please let me know!

We still need a Sunday School teacher for the youngest kids - Pre-K and K, and possibly first grade. The materials will be good, and easy to use.

Deann Megonnell will teach the older children, those who will be in 2nd-4th grades.

We also need to update the list of available readers for Sundaymorning, and people to share the work of the altar guild. If you are able and willing to do either one on a regular basis, please see Cathy+ or email her (susanna601@aol.com)

The food pantry is again nearly bare. Summer is often the hardest time for people who live on the margins. Please be generous and pick up an item or two when you shop for your own needs. We are low on everything right now. We always need canned chicken, beef or beef stew, tuna, canned fruit and vegetables, crackers, spaghetti sauce, dry cereal, peanut butter and jelly for the shelves, as well as eggs and cheese that can be refrigerated, and hamburger or hotdogs, bread, and other items that can be frozen.

The organ has been repaired and seems to be perfect right now. We're eager to have Kathy Brown come home so she can try it out for us!

Remember that we now have AA meetings on Sunday night at 7 and Monday at 8, as well as Al-Anon on Tuesday at 6pm.

Proper 12
July 27 - 9:30 AM

Genesis 29:15-28
Psalm 128
Ruth Lewis

Romans 8:26-39
Minda Cox

Matthew 13:31-33,44-52
Brenda Sickler

 Prayers of the People
Deann Megonnell

Eucharistic Minister
Lee Schmidt

Altar Guild
Becca Cox