The Red Cross disaster relief organization supports 23 counties in the ozarks and goes out to disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and house fires. They are always looking for a toy or stuffed animal to give to the children. They would like to give a toy to each child but sometimes don't have enough.

As cloth ambassadors, these Rag Dolls 2 Love can bring love to children whom may have lost everything in a house fire or from a tornado. This isn't just a doll. It is a doll without hair, a doll without clothes, a doll who has nothing but its heart, its eyes and its smile. Rag Dolls 2 Love offers children solace that real life doesn't offer. The Rag Doll 2 Love can become real as it is loved by the child who hugs it at night, whose tears wash it's body. The Rag Dolls 2 Love is 20" long, big enough to hug and small enough to tuck under a child's arm.

Click here for stories about local disasters and dolls making a difference.

The women - and men - of St. Alban's purchase the material for the dolls, bring the stuffing, come to special doll-making days with our sewing machines, and even do the handwork during Christian Education on Sundays as we gather to study the meaning of our Christian faith and life.

The Episcopal Dioceses of West Missouri has shipped out 1500 dolls, of those, the members of St Albans completed 1300! We also sent another 200 to Botswana. We do not intend to reach some particular goal and then quit - war does not stop. The number of children who need comfort in this world does not lessen. And the need to show some kind of tangible love to these kids will never go away. The international need has decreased enough that we are able to help out the Red Cross, but, we will continue to make and send the Ragdolls anywhere in the world. A new coordinator has been found in Vermont so we will be able to send dolls for the overseas mission.

Click on the doll below to go to the National website for more information on the overseas mission.


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Please see Joyce Schmidt at St Alban's or e-mail her for more information about St Alban's involvement in these project.
Click on the doll to go to the national website.

How much are those dollies on the alter?
The ones with the triangular eyes.
How much are those dollies on the alter?
I do hope the dollies' for sale.

We don't sell those dollies on the alter.
We send them all over the world.
For children to love and hang onto.
For children to love and they do.

We're just a little church in the Ozarks.
With people who lovingly share.
We carefully paint on the faces.
And cut, stuff, and sew with great care.

Of course we have meetings and make them.
Of course we have lunch while we're here.
We bless them and send them to Mary.
She takes it from there, with good cheer.

We thank all who help with the dollies.
We do it in time that is spare.
We'll make a lot more in the future.
Right now we have Christmas to Share.

written by Barbara Huddle

ragdoll Rag Dolls 2 Love