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Nothing is too hard for God
Gary Ankrum' ought to be writing this one, but since it isn't his month, I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the Asemblies of God for their new billboards, proclaiming that "Nothing is too hard for God." 
It is absolutely true. On the radio this afternoon, driving home from Bolivar, I heard the lyrics, "Nothing is too hard for God; he's been tested and tried and found true..." The song then goes on with a long list of biblical, characters who could testify to God's faithfulness. 
I love the campaign. And it has been rolling around in my head since I first read about it. But here's the deal, and Gary would tell you this, too. Nothing is too hard for God, But God is not obligated to do everything you think you need him to do for you. For one thing, it isn't really about you. It's all about God. And sometimes God's purposes for the world, and for you, are not best served by giving you what you demand. Sometimes they are best served by withholding something you really, really need so that someone else who does not know Him has an opportunity to see how you are enabled to live in joy and trust, even under stress. It may be that God needs your witness in helplessness and neediness more than he needs you healthy, happy and
wealthy. It may be that God desires your holiness more than you do, and more than he desires to give you what you can struggle to learn  -  to persevere in prayer, to be patient in hope, to be longsuffering and gentle in opposition.
God can do anything. Nothing at all is too hard for God.