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Crayons in a Box
I woke up this morning with the hymn in my mind: "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey."  The same words from a simple, unadorned little plaque on my desk catch my eye every time I sit down to read in my bedroom: "trust and obey. "
And just a couple of days ago my friend wrote me a note in which she said, "Your life and mind are too cluttered.  Don't even think to reason with Him.  Listen and OBEY."   She was right.  But why do we need to be reminded of these basic principles, sometimes over and over again?
Probably there are several reasons. But I know that for me it is often because I am attracted by the glitter and shine of "independence."  The most subtle and dangerous temptations to mistrust and disobedience come precisely at this point.  I want to trust; I desire to obey; and at the same time I want to be confirmed in the rightness of my own way.  This never works.  Joy and peace evaporate. Suspicion, reluctance and doubt creep in and sit down to torment my heart.
And this is why I, and why we all, so desperately need each other.  Only real friends who are also walking the way of Christ, who open their hearts to us as we open our lives to them, can dare to really pray for us, challenge us, redirect us, cheer us on.  We want to trust. We are hungry to obey. We really do love the Lord Jesus. And yet we manage to subvert ourselves over and over again. And so God makes us one, responsible for each other and to each other, together in Him.  
This is why the church of Jesus Christ is constituted as the body of Christ, and not as a collection of individual Christians aligned side by side like so many crayons in a box.